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History of

888sports betting

The online Casino business was started on the mid-1990s, and it was a perfect time for two brothers to leap on the bandwagon. A number of innovative companies were coming up, offering betting services and using technology that had never been seen earlier. Many of the companies did not have the opportunity to survive but 888 luckily had it. At present, is established in London Stock exchange multi-billion dollar kingdom. All online gamer on trust on this 888 brand as an admirable alternative. The history of is highlighted bellow:

Two brothers Avi & Aaron shaked

Before we come to know about Company.  It is better to come access with two brothers whom are made everything possible. They are Avi and Aaron Shaked, born in Netanya, Israel. Avi graduated in chemical engineering from Ben-Gurion University & Aaron attended the school for a couple of years then left. As a student Avi had to participate a number of conferences that frequently took place in a Casino in Monte Carlo. The first conference was he attended was his first time to be introduced with Casino. He fall in love instantly with the environment but the reality made him disappointed it was not possible for him to visit Casino before a year. Two brothers did not wait for the easy chance. They dedicated themselves for giving night and day to try to build the online Casino websites. Today which shaped and developed into website. For being an inexpert in gambling they fall in troubles. Then the two brothers decided to spent several months in local casino to achieve some practical knowledge on different games and aspects of a brick  and mortar casino and ensured themselves to be able to form website with the similar impression as the real casino have.

Shay and Ron Brothers

Shay is the older brother of the two brothers. He had the bachelor degree in computer Science from the Israel Institute of Technology. He played a vital role in developing the Company, because he knew to write the software and fix any glitches they would face.

Ron, the younger brother helped the Company to reach another pick of success. Ron was excellent enough to play most of the casino games and rich in understanding about the demand of the players. He drew the attention of Shaked brothers while gambling at various casino. After few months Shaked brothers proposed Shay and Ron to join them in a partnership and build this online effective casino. After coming into a mutual understanding they did agreed to mortgage their homes to collect necessary funds for their business to take high.



Real Holding Limited

At the beginning of 1997, Holdings Limited was officially recognized in the British Virgin Islands. The company had a gambling license in Antigua where they found a place for the office for all their managements, gaming servers, members support and technological maintenance.

Then they established virtual Holdings Limited which imaginatively developed, Casino-on-Net and prepare the platform for In the same year Random Logic Limited in Tel-Aviv, Israel was initiated. After five years second Casino Website Reef Club Casino  ran in the market, officially recognized in June, 2002.

888 Holdings was recognized

Soon in 2002 the Company launched its brand, which is well known today. This site was the best for gambling and become a multi-player online poker room. They also established Virtual Marketing Services Limited in the same year and extended their advertisement in the United Kingdom.

888 Holdings acquired a gambling license in Gibratar and immediately they transferred their gaming and deposit servers to Gibratar because of their less taxes on it. In that same year they had a huge success launching as updated version of

Two years later, John Anderson, the chief Executive of 888 Holdings has taken the steps to increase the value of the Company and by September their shares were listed on the London Stock exchange.

In their recent website they explain their commitment to their share-holders saying,

“Our strategy is to amplify shareholders value through obtaining commercial growth of the players and partners both physically and strategic acquisitions”.

888 Casino

The 888 Casino has launched to online gambling by 888 site Holdings in 2006. This site gives the opportunity online casino games in both a downloadable and instant play format for personal computers, mobile phones and other electronic campaign. The 888 casino is accessible in twenty three languages.

Illegal internet Gambling Enforcement proceed of 2006

Everything was going enormously for 888 holdings till the United States approved the illegal internet Gambling Enforcement proceeds on 29th September, 2006 which banned any gambling connected dealings from US based customers. This was shocking news to the whole gambling business. It was a threat for the 888 holdings family because of their recent and fully new casino inventions and encouragement features.

To cover up their financial looses integrated with Ladbrokes, a largest gambling organization and these two companies generally agreed not to follow that.

Enduring Expansion

Dragonfish was recognized as 888’s B2B division in 2007, to make partnership with other gaming services. It was intended to aid both of the new online gambling market and those are fascinated in updating their obtainable operations. It gives numerous resources and contacts within the business.

In order to cover up their financial looses, they need to enter  various market, and 888 Ladies Bingo was launched in February 2008  in order to make them well formed Company. has added blackjack games and video slots in their games list.

The popularity of 888 Holdings continued to expand and in 2009, 888.comwas recognized as best Casino operator of the year and overall best online gaming operators.

The present position of the Founders

The Yitzhak brothers determined to sell considerable shares of the Company in 2006. They two went from owning 17% of the Company to only 11% of it. At that time Ron left the Company to enjoy retirement and have time with friends and family. Shay stepped down and became a non-executive member of the board and stayed with the Company till 2010.

Avi Shaked came down from the daily operators of the industry with the desire to help to establish peace between Palestine and Israel. Aaron Shaked joined his daughter to establish clean Tech Technologies, a well known medical device supplier for dentist offices of the whole world. After his death his daughter inherited all rights of their Company. Ron, Shay, Avi and Aaron dedicated their innovative idea to see at the pick of the success.

Contemporary Leaders of the Company

  • Brian Mattingley, is the Executive Chairman from May,2015.
  • Aviadkobrine, 51, chief Financial officer, from June, 2005.
  • ItaiFrieberge, 44 serving as a Managing Director of the Groups’ Israeli Subsidiary.

These three personalities are a part of 888 Holdings Board of Directors and major decisions are need to be approved by them.

Up to date developments for 888

888 Holdings are continuing to develop contact with a variety  of worldwide Companies   and trying to grow up their products and platforms. At present it is one of the front runners in US Market and the third largest online Industry with huge numbers of active players.

In March 2013, 888 has received an online license by Nevada Gaming commission.

In August 2013, 888 have signed an agreement with Caesars Interactive Entertainment.

In 2014, 888 Holdings had an offer to purchase the Company by someone for $1.1 billion. Today the 888Holdings proudly standing with its success and glory in the online Market.

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