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Maintaining Self-discipline in the casino

Maintaining Self-discipline in the casino

Self discipline is defined as the capacity to function generally within society, while controlling one’s emotions needs and manners in the face of outer demands. Most of the people deal with this contemporary act every day. Those who can’t go with this are detested and confined.

Self discipline works the same way in the casino, although the penalties for break down are just as severe.  Some persons have wiped out their life-reserves at the slot, while others turn to professional crimes.  It’s a abnormal behavior, but it’s something that plagues millions of casino patrons to one degree or another.

On this page we carved up some of the best ways to uphold Self discipline while playing at the casino, also offered a number of tips for enhancing your discipline on the whole.

Please remember

We hope the advice on this page will help you to enjoy playing casino games without any difficulty. It’s important to be careful that gambling can be addictive. You can find out more from “Read our article dealing with this subject”.

How to stay in discipline in the casino

The next time you go through the doors of a casino, keep the following tips and tactics in mind.

  • Understand the rules
  • Shun alcohol
  • Take breaks
  • Finance management
  • Don’t get satiable
  • Never have a loan of money
  • Shun ATM
  • Don’t pursue losses

Understand the rules: If you expect to win you surely must understand the rules. Some casino aids are easier to learn than others. So always be sure to research before sitting at the table. This can save you from certain embarrassment and also ensure you not to make  any stupid and expensive mistakes.

Shun alcohol:  The people who are drunked often make themselves fool’. Many casino offer flattering alcohol, they do it not to make the players happy but to make mistakes while playing. The casino takes benefits over the players so don’t give them another chance.

Take breaks: Anyone who has ever been to a casino has seen sleepy gamblers who look like have not slept for days. The smart players never put themselves in such a situation. You must understand that your body needs rest to work well. So take a break every hour to keep your mind fresh and play well.

Finance management: Your finance is the amount of money you have for gambling. You should always play within this amount and stop playing and find something else to do.

Don’t get satiable: Let’s think a player wins $300 on a slot machine. He thinks to himself, I am playing with casinos money, so I will see how long I can ride this hot streak. Then he quickly losses the $300 as well as another $150 of his own.  If you win it’s always wise to accept it and walk away.

Never have a loan of money: If you take a loan to play , it’s safe to think that you can’t afford to pay for you gambling, while a winning session may allow you to pay back the loan and still have a decent amount left over, but think what happens if the session ends in a loss? So if you cannot afford t play with your own money, then don’t play at all.

Shun ATM: The total purpose of setting a budget is to avoid foolish action such as borrowing money or making extra trips to the ATM machine. When your fixed money is over , take the chance to leave the casino as soon as possible. Otherwise you are going to face a disaster in life.

Don’t pursue losses: When a player suffers a number of losses, emotions can often begin t obscure their decision, they may get angry with the casino for having the audacity to take their cash. This is known as “chasing losses” and it’s a reliable way to get even deeper in the hole. These games are always a risky proposal and those who experienced this will not persevere.

Ways to develop self-discipline

Some people seem almost inhuman when it comes to exercise self-discipline. No matter what the enticement, they can avoid it without batting an eye. For the rest of us the procedure can be more difficult. Here are some strategies you can try to incorporate into your day to-day life.

Nourish your body: To exercise self-discipline your body needs glucose for your brain cell, and you’ll be more horizontal to bad behavior if you don’t take for a while. Shun sweetened foods in favor of something like meat or whole grain rice and you can be good to go for hours.

Do meditation: When you prepare your mind it become more ready to handle the day to-day distress of lure and you’ll be able to make smarter decision. You don’t need any imagine tools to get started even five minutes of concentration and reflections each day can bring you a noticeable result.

Learn to pardon: When you yield to temptation, there is the inclination to beat yourself and connect in extra self destructive behavior, learn to pardon yourself and resolve to do better next time.

Get enough sleep: Your brain needs to draw glucose to fight against enticement and it is very hard when you are not getting sleep 7-8 hours per night. Lack of enough sleep may lead you to the other sets of problem.

Make sure to practice: Doing any kind of practice makes your brain to function well. Eve ten minutes of exercise can make a difference, but we would suggest you to practice 30 minutes each day if possible.

Find out your internal foxhole: when the soldiers expect bombard, they may dig a foxhole to protect themselves, when you feel that lure is building inside you, it’s wise to move back to your internal world and wait for the gambling salvo to subside.

Self-discipline and problem gambling: when a player fails to exercise self-discipline in the casino, it can be a result of problem. About six million Americans are captivated in gambling. This can break down families and result in everything from financial ruin to prison time. Australian survey of 2008 says, problem gambling was found to be the largest provider to scam within the nation.

According to studies a person with a gaming habit also has a much higher life risk for committing suicide. UC San Diego Sociologist David Philips labels Las Vegas as having the highest suicide rate in USA, and level for New Jersey is abnormally high.

In order to prevent financial and personal trash a person must first be diagnosed as having a gaming disorder.

The diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder state that at least form of the following symptoms must be confirmed within a one year time.

  1. Gaming has made the person to suffer extreme financial problem so they often have to rely on friends, families for their basic needs like food and shelter.
  2. When a person tries to stop the gambling they feel restlessness and tetchiness.
  3. Instead of admitting the reliance on gambling, the person comes up with lies to cover their connection.
  4. When a person feels anxious, depressed, stress they often turn to gambling for coping their problems.
  5. Due to the gambling the person has either ruined their job, relationship, carrier and opportunity. In many cases the person blames the misfortunes or factors rather than gambling.
  6. If the person suffers financial losses during a gambling session, they return in an effect to cover up their money. This case often continues till the gambler reaches their goal or losses everything.
  7. Luckily, a problem gambler has a lot of way at their removal for overcoming their self destructive manner. While the success rate of each option differ based on the person. The following have proven to be more successful.
  • Self-cure
  • Drugs
  • Cognitive behavioral treatment
  • Step based plan

Self cure: In this sort of treatment, the person determines the way of their rehabilitation. This may be as simple as practicing will power with resisting lure. According to one study, one third of problem gamblers are able to overcome the habit on their own.

Drugs: In relentless cases, drug treatment may be given to help the person overcome their desire to gamble.

Cognitive behavioral treatment: The emphasis is on identifying gaming related thought process, especially those that make a person weak to out of control behavior.

Step based plan:  The most well-known version of this therapy is gamblers unknown and its 12 steps are modeled on those used by Alcoholics, unidentified; the system emphasizes grouping support and personal responsibility.


Practicing Self-discipline in the casino can pay a number of dividends over the long period. The clearest thing is that you’ll be able to save money by not chasing losses or making stupid wager. Another one is the prevention from gambling compulsion. If you realize these facts and keep a cool head, you can still enjoy your time in the casino, if not you may be headed for tragedy.

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