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The perils of betting system

The betting systems have been well liked by casino players for years. Lot of people still vow by them and doesn’t matter which one you use, this system offer the gamblers with a guide for placing their wagers, which is intended to enhance profits and minimize losses.

Unluckily, no betting system can offer constant prize money over a long period of time. Because each spin of the wheel or turn of the dice is free from the lost and there is no pattern to be predicted or taken benefits. Anyone who believes is falling prey to what is identify as “gamblers fallacy” this should be avoided at all cost.

Reason to shun betting system

If you have already tries betting systems for any length of time, then you have probably learned to stay away from them. Some players still continue to use them and actually boast about some of the major wins they have got.. Whether you ‘re an expert of betting systems who is thinking about applying one or more of these methods, then read the following influences for why you should attach to more dependable tactics.

They don’t work

A lot of mathematicians have denounced betting system as nothing more than a scam, as their vital criteria for success always requires the player to have an infinite finance. If this were true, most players would be rich and probably wouldn’t be interested in gaming to start with.

Recommended reading

Our beginners guide to casinos includes an article clearing up the games of chance. You need to study this if you are not sure what games of chance exactly is and it will help you to understand why betting system don’t work.

You’ll look foolish

If you don’t care what anyone else thinks about you, then go in front and neglect this. For everyone else, we propose avoiding betting systems because they make you look like a susceptible fool. It’s the same level of innocence that  causes some players to rub a coin between their fingers before depositing it into a slot or sit down in front of a vacated machine because its due to get hot.


Disdain for Math

Many of the mysteries of the world have been explained with math. While it is freezing and unfriendly, it is also eventually pale and doesn’t play favorites.

All casino games have a house edge and if has been mathematically proven that no known betting system can overcome this edge. If you choose to neglect such findings, you are showing total disdain for an entire branch of science and the achievement of men like Albert Einstein, Galileo and Euclid.

They bring about a myth

Anyone who spent a respectable time on the internet has seen how myths and city legends can spread like wildfire. One person sends an email making untamed claims about a certain subject and soon it’s been forwarded to hundreds or thousands of others and recognized as the truth while this mistruth are continually debunked by committed person. It doesn’t stop people from shaping across them and bring fooled.

When someone uses betting system and then brags to their friends about all their success they have, it bring about the lie that these system are a legal option for serious games. If you want really to help them out the only action to do is to avoid such tactics and break the chain of dishonesty.

Put money in the pockets of liars

Most gambling system can be found online for free but there are a number of people who are willing to sell “winning” system to their customers. This kind of people froth of the world as they intentionally prey on the distressed and immature to add to their own bank accounts.  These are some who sell books about the fortune telling and contacting spirits. You would think their integrity would right away be called into question. It’s very sorrowful that many people fall victim to them every year.

Goes against finance managements

The skill of finance management is the key to any successful long term gaming strategy. It allows you and play within your budget and keeps losses to a minimum. A player possibly to make manifold tips to the ATM and game away funds that were originally corn marked for provisions such as food and rent.



Waste precious time

While lot of systems are comparatively easy to learn, there are others that takes bit commitment, Miserably any amount of time committed to these false system is being wasted. This precious time could be devoted to your family and creative hobby.

Types of betting system

Before we mention some of the most admirable system for betting, have to keep in mind that most of these fall into different categories.

  • Positive succession
  • Negative succession

Positive succession based system ask you to raise your wager each time you win, while losses result in a decreased bet. The idea is to profit from on a hot streak by making larger wagers. While the damaged caused by a cold streak is compact through smaller and smaller bets. With a negative succession system loss results in a larger but while a win result in a smaller wager. The idea is a losing player is jump to win finally and the larger bet makes them to recover their previous losses and also make a profit.

Well liked betting system: Now let’s look at some of the well liked betting system among players.

  • Martingale: This system requires the players to dual their bet following each loss. The statement is that the games should finally get a win and recover all previous losses.
  • Anti-martingale: This system is just opposite of martingale. It asks the players to double their wagers following each win. The idea is to take gain of a hot streak.
  • Grand martingale: Here the players not only double their wager but also add an extra unite each time.

Labouchere system

 The players start to by deciding how much money they desire to win. Then they write down a series of number that add up to this amount. For each bet, the players bet the sum of the first and last numbers on the list. These numbers are crossed out after a winning bet. While a losing players adds the previous bet onto the end of their list. This system continues till the player has either run out of money or crossed off all the numbers on their list. This is known as the cancellation or split Martingale system.

Over turn labouchere

In this system instead of deleting numbers after a win, the players add the winning bet to the end of the arithmetical line.  The purpose is to keep adding numbers until you arrive at the table limit on bets.  If the bet results in a loss then the two outside numbers rubbed. The player starts over if they run out of numbers on their line.

Fibonacci system

 This system is based on a mathematical order where the next number is the previous two numbers added mutually. Here you find how the first few numbers in the sequence look.

The Fibonacci order:


Using this system the players ignore the 0 and start by betting one unit. They continue in this fashion till they loss, at which point they move up one level in the order. Then they move up a further level for every following loss and shift back two levels when they win.

1-3-2-6 system. The player starts by betting one unit. If they loss, the series is full and they start over with a one unit bet. The betting unit are increased or decreased according to the 1-3-2-6- arrangement. This continues till the player either loses or completes a run of four successive wins.


The perils of betting systems should be marked by now. They are not only innately imperfect but many of the persons who are eager to part with these “secrets” for a few bucks are intentionally misleading their consumers.

If you want to do well at gambling the first thing you must admit is that the house almost always has the benefit, while this boundary can be overcome in some cases, doing so takes a huge amount of preparation and attempt.

There are strategies and tactics that can help in the casino, but these needs hours to do and memorization to correctly



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